Saturday, January 17, 2009

Whats in your pocket?

So my question to you is this: Whats your every day carry(EDC)?
Mine varies upon the perceived situation.

This is my lowest level, it contains one knife, phone, wallet and keys. I use my J frame as my pocket pistol, with ten rounds of ammunition.
Generally I carry the pistol in my weak side front pocket. Draw to first shot at three yards is about 1.75seconds. The reload is incredibly slow, but that is not this guns purpose. I consider this gun to be used for the immediate defense of mine or my families personal well being. It is not for stopping a gun fight that looks like something out of a Hollywood movie.

We have reached the point where people start to think I am strange. This is the point I max out on my concealed carry gear. Notice that most everything is doubled up. Two phones and two knives. Two magazines for the primary pistol, two reloads for the S & W.

The primary pistol is a Sig P226R in 40 S & W. It is gassed up with Winchester 165gr hollow points. I have found that they shoot excellent in this pistol and the recoil and muzzle blast is very reasonable. I used to carry a certain 'golden bullet', they to were awesome, however they would blind you at night. The snubbie is stoked with 125gr +P ammo. The recoil is stout, however, I can count on the bullet to expand at slow velocities.

Also note that I carry a Multi-tool knife. You are more likely to need a pair of pliers before you need a pistol. I also carry a flashlight. Honestly, it's the last thing to be put on, but it is also the most used, when I have it.

So what are your thoughts, too much? Too little? Am I a paranoid gunnut that doesn't know any better? By the way, if you think this is alot you should see my car bag!


Brigid said...

You definitely have more fun stuff than I had in my pockets.

Thanks for the link!

Mandy said...

Exactly what kind of neighborhood do you live in? I have "Norteno" gang bangers living around me and I don't carry that much! (The husband does though)

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