Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ammo Inventory

Lately it seems that the number of rounds that you keep on hand has been making the blog circle. My general rule is 500 per handgun, 100 per bolt action rifle and 1000 per semi auto rifle. Shotgun maintains at least 250 rounds. These were my guidelines for a long time. Than I started shooting competitively, and some of my round counts went up.

Here is what I keep on hand:

22lr-2000 rounds, right now it's closer to three

22 Mag-200 rounds

38 special-500 rounds, If I start up in SASS this will go way up

357 magnum-300 rounds

357 maximum-50 rounds, I don't shoot as much of this as I would like, I have brass for 300, but it doesn't make any sense to load it all up.

40 S&W-1000 rounds, 500 factory, 500 reloads

223-1000 rounds

25/06- 100 rounds

308 Win- 100 rounds

30/06- 100 rounds reloads, 100 rounds factory

338/06- 60 rounds, right now I only have 30, but it's my custom elk rifle, if only because the wife says I can't shoot anymore deer with it(It's brutal, I have pics).

I feel like I'm forgetting something... got it now.

12 Gauge- 100 rounds birdshot, 50 rounds steel, 50 rounds 00 buck, 50 rounds slugs, and about 20 rounds of specialty ammo 'cause it makes me feel good.

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