Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shhh! Be Wery Quiet, I'm hunting Wabbits.

Per the Firearm Blog, It looks like Wilson Combat has a new compensator and silencer out. It incorporates a Lock ring down on the comp, no more screwing silencers on and off. It looks very, very slick. The comp also looks like it will limit muzzle rise very well.

Right now I use a Micalek comp on my 16" AR, it is very noisy and I don't dare use it indoors in fear of going deaf. But outside, it works great, almost zero muzzle rise and very quick transitions.

I have been looking for something better, something that I would not be afraid to shoot indoors and that I can still use in competition. This just may do that. Now how do I sell the wife on the $1055 price tag and $200 excise tax?

But I can shoot awot of wabbits...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Girding Ourselves Tighter

Matt G has a post up about taking his daughter and her bestest friends out to Ft Worth for a special dinner tonight.

The Money quote:

I, of all people, recognize that the world is actually a safer place than we give it credit for being, and I don't much think about these things, until I get put in charge of Other People's Children.

But when I take a group of kids downtown on a Friday night, I gird myself a bit tighter.

It is not often that words as honest as these are spoken. I know that when parents entrust me with their children, whether it be boy scouts or my daughter's friends over for a visit, I know how important their safety is. I take it very seriously, and personally. I would much rather take a bullet and/or neutralize a threat to any child in my care then make a phone call to a parent when their child has been hurt.

"Hello, Mrs. Soccermom? This is SigBoy. I have some bad news. Your child was raped, murdered, or even worse while I was responsible for them." I could not live with the shame that would incur. I could not live with myself, at all.

No sir, not on my watch. I will gird myself tighter.
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