Friday, September 3, 2010

Girding Ourselves Tighter

Matt G has a post up about taking his daughter and her bestest friends out to Ft Worth for a special dinner tonight.

The Money quote:

I, of all people, recognize that the world is actually a safer place than we give it credit for being, and I don't much think about these things, until I get put in charge of Other People's Children.

But when I take a group of kids downtown on a Friday night, I gird myself a bit tighter.

It is not often that words as honest as these are spoken. I know that when parents entrust me with their children, whether it be boy scouts or my daughter's friends over for a visit, I know how important their safety is. I take it very seriously, and personally. I would much rather take a bullet and/or neutralize a threat to any child in my care then make a phone call to a parent when their child has been hurt.

"Hello, Mrs. Soccermom? This is SigBoy. I have some bad news. Your child was raped, murdered, or even worse while I was responsible for them." I could not live with the shame that would incur. I could not live with myself, at all.

No sir, not on my watch. I will gird myself tighter.


Bob S. said...

It wasn't until I married and gained not just a wife but 3 kids that I re-thought safety and security.

By myself, it was okay to take chances. With a wife and 3 kids, things changed greatly.

Not only was I responsible for seeing to their safety, but I could take less risks with my own safety.

Add into that the fact that my wife and kids have friends over, yep-- I get what Matt means.

Jay G said...

nods vigorously

It's even more notioceable when it's 40-50 Cub Scouts. If I didn't think I'd go straight to jail I'd sling a shotgun across my back at pack events...

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