Monday, March 29, 2010

Trigger Time, Part II

As the sun was setting, the light was just right to get some silhouette pictures, most of them didn't come out, but a few did. I kinda like it!

I really needed the break from the stresses of work, A few days out shooting does wonders for my attitude, and I'm sure that my bosses appreciate it.
One of the highlights of the trip (other than a new shooter!) was when I decided to start showing off a bit (It's a curse, I swear). I have a T/C Contender carbine in 357 Maximum, 18" barrel, magnaported, with a tiny 4x fixed power Burris scope. It was my thirteenth birthday present from my Father; that carbine and I have seen alot of miles together. With 38 Specials it has next to no recoil and zero muzzle jump. With 357 Magnums, it's a fun little toy, and with 357 Maximums, it is a very effective deer cartridge out to about 150 yards. When Descahin's girlfriend broke her camera, what did she want to do? Shoot it, of course. So I checked the zero on the contender and gave her a go, of course she hit it, and we were able to recover the camera pieces, and the bullet that shot it! After this a few of my buddies, who only appreciate black rifles, poked a little fun at my little carbine. This led to my showing off. I started shooting Skittle sized targets at ten yards, standing. A few rounds of watching me make the target disappear after each shot changed their opinion of my little carbine.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Trigger Time, Finally (and new shooter report)!

After the real world interfering with my shooting schedule, I took a few days off to visit a friends ranch south of me. My good friend Deschain (from Canada, eh) brought his girlfriend down and we had a great time (until the weather crapped out, but that's another story). His girlfriend is an aspiring Law Enforcement Officer and had never fired a firearm. It was my sworn mission to rectify that problem. So we started her off easy:

Once I worked on her form, she became alot more comfortable and was really enjoying herself.

After she was familiarized with the basic principles of sight picture and trigger squeeze I move her over to a S & W LadySmith with a 5" barrel. She shot that rather well, and seemed to have no problems with the double action trigger pull. Another friend arrived with a Walther P22 and she shot that as well. I think we hooked another one, she is now talking about how much she misses Texas and wants to come visit again. More solid proof that all you need is one small taste of freedom and you are hooked for life.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gauntlet Update

I failed. It may have been the 14" pizza I ate on Saturday, I'm not sure. Regardless, I failed. Final weight was 212.8, I was down an even five pounds in four weeks. My charming wife has told me that I can go buy my T-shirts regardless. However, I am going to continue to drop weight and not buy them until I reach 205. At this rate, it will be about early June. Unless I go run, or stop eating pizza and fudge. Decisions, decisions.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Radar Detectors

I had a interesting observation today about radar detectors. I personally think that you have a firm and unalienable right to use them. I also believe that by using them you essentially err on the 'ticket' side of officer discretion rather than the 'warning' side. Which made me realize something else about a society where freedom is paramount; just because it's legal, doesn't make it right. That is why when you a have a radar detector suctioned cup to your windshield, you will ALWAYS get the ticket.

Gauntlet, Part Three

This week it was all my fault. I have been craving carbs and sweets. I want bread, cereals, cupcakes, candy, and a very large and fatty steak. I believe my body is trying to organize a coup. Of course, the spoil ourselves rotten lunch at Red Lobster Wednesday didn't help either (but my lovely wife said that she enjoyed it immensely), nor did the pound of fudge (she enjoyed that as well) I bought from a traveling road show at Sam's Club.

One thing that I noticed was that my clothes aren't fitting like they used too. My weight hasn't changed a whole lot, but my structure has. As the muscle starts to tone itself back out and the fat burns off, things aren't fitting the same. I had forgotten what a pain in the ass it was to fit my arms into most shirts. Case in point, last week we stopped at the JC Penny outlet store, I found a decent long sleeve shirt for $2, it wasn't a formal shirt, but would go well when you wanted to wear something more than a polo. It was sized XL, the wife approved of the colors and pattern, so we brought it home. After washing I tried it on. Fit? Not exactly. the shoulders fit (barely), but my arms didn't, one flex the wrong way and I was going to rip seams out. Oh well, it's off to one of my, um, slimmer friends. The moral of the story is that if I keep going down this road, it's going to be back to tailored clothes so that they will fit right. Is it really worth it?

Final thoughts for the week, I need to cut my food back even more. However I have a five day camping trip next week, and now it looks like everybody is bringing tons of food, so I may not reach my goal. Final weigh in, and post, will be on March 22nd.

Todays weight, 213.5 - Own 0.1 pounds, 5.7 pounds to go.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Handgun Shotgun Rifle" (for bugout) meme....

In continuation of the firearm list MeMe's. I have one I would like to propose to the rest of the Internets. If you had to leave your house RIGHT NOW because of some disaster, lets go with zombies. You do not know if you are ever going to return, and you only have room to take one rifle, one shot gun, and one handgun. What are they?

My three choices for BugOut, from what I CURRENTLY own would be-

Handgun: Sig P226 in 40 S&W, with light rail and night sights

Shotgun: Remington 870, 20 inch barrel, rifle sights.

Rife: Sako FinnBear in 30/06 with 3-9 scope and sling

I know that the first two on the list were the same as yesterday for my self defense list. But I dropped the AR in favor of my favorite hunting rifle. Why? Simply because I can hit anything I can see. Also, I am not carrying around one of those scary black rifles. Granted, if things are so bad that we are carrying around rifles, it shouldn't matter very much. Also, my handgun and shotgun more than effectively cover my short range self defense needs. This allows me to take a rifle with a bit more range and punch.

Monday, March 8, 2010

"Handgun Shotgun Rifle" (for defense) meme....

So, via Tam, this old meme is going around.
One Handgun, One Rifle, One Shotgun. You are able to choose just one of each for self defense with NO modifications.

Handgun: Sig Sauer P226, in 40 S & W, with a light rail and night sights.

Shotgun: Remington 870, 12 gauge, 20 inch barrel, rifle sights.

Rifle: 16" AR, with A2 buttstock, you know, so I can hit people with it.

There you go, nothing fancy, just three firearms. Also please note that my Bug Out Guns are a little different than this list. Hmmm, I may resurrect that tired old list tomorrow.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Guantlet Update

Today wraps up week two of my wife's challenge. This week has been really difficult for me to watch the diet. My fat and sugar cravings have been ridiculously hard. I'm sure that the bag of Jelly Beans that the wife brought home didn't help. Or the Girl Scout cookies. Next she is going to be making me her home made cream filled cupcakes (Devils food with vanilla frosting, please)! Yes you heard me correctly, my lovely and charming wife has resorted to guerrilla tactics to force me into not meeting my end of the bargain!
This challenge is scheduled to end on Monday morning, March 22nd.

And for those of you that are curious....213.6 Down 4.2, 5.8 to go.
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