Monday, March 29, 2010

Trigger Time, Part II

As the sun was setting, the light was just right to get some silhouette pictures, most of them didn't come out, but a few did. I kinda like it!

I really needed the break from the stresses of work, A few days out shooting does wonders for my attitude, and I'm sure that my bosses appreciate it.
One of the highlights of the trip (other than a new shooter!) was when I decided to start showing off a bit (It's a curse, I swear). I have a T/C Contender carbine in 357 Maximum, 18" barrel, magnaported, with a tiny 4x fixed power Burris scope. It was my thirteenth birthday present from my Father; that carbine and I have seen alot of miles together. With 38 Specials it has next to no recoil and zero muzzle jump. With 357 Magnums, it's a fun little toy, and with 357 Maximums, it is a very effective deer cartridge out to about 150 yards. When Descahin's girlfriend broke her camera, what did she want to do? Shoot it, of course. So I checked the zero on the contender and gave her a go, of course she hit it, and we were able to recover the camera pieces, and the bullet that shot it! After this a few of my buddies, who only appreciate black rifles, poked a little fun at my little carbine. This led to my showing off. I started shooting Skittle sized targets at ten yards, standing. A few rounds of watching me make the target disappear after each shot changed their opinion of my little carbine.

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