Friday, March 12, 2010

Gauntlet, Part Three

This week it was all my fault. I have been craving carbs and sweets. I want bread, cereals, cupcakes, candy, and a very large and fatty steak. I believe my body is trying to organize a coup. Of course, the spoil ourselves rotten lunch at Red Lobster Wednesday didn't help either (but my lovely wife said that she enjoyed it immensely), nor did the pound of fudge (she enjoyed that as well) I bought from a traveling road show at Sam's Club.

One thing that I noticed was that my clothes aren't fitting like they used too. My weight hasn't changed a whole lot, but my structure has. As the muscle starts to tone itself back out and the fat burns off, things aren't fitting the same. I had forgotten what a pain in the ass it was to fit my arms into most shirts. Case in point, last week we stopped at the JC Penny outlet store, I found a decent long sleeve shirt for $2, it wasn't a formal shirt, but would go well when you wanted to wear something more than a polo. It was sized XL, the wife approved of the colors and pattern, so we brought it home. After washing I tried it on. Fit? Not exactly. the shoulders fit (barely), but my arms didn't, one flex the wrong way and I was going to rip seams out. Oh well, it's off to one of my, um, slimmer friends. The moral of the story is that if I keep going down this road, it's going to be back to tailored clothes so that they will fit right. Is it really worth it?

Final thoughts for the week, I need to cut my food back even more. However I have a five day camping trip next week, and now it looks like everybody is bringing tons of food, so I may not reach my goal. Final weigh in, and post, will be on March 22nd.

Todays weight, 213.5 - Own 0.1 pounds, 5.7 pounds to go.

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