Friday, March 26, 2010

Trigger Time, Finally (and new shooter report)!

After the real world interfering with my shooting schedule, I took a few days off to visit a friends ranch south of me. My good friend Deschain (from Canada, eh) brought his girlfriend down and we had a great time (until the weather crapped out, but that's another story). His girlfriend is an aspiring Law Enforcement Officer and had never fired a firearm. It was my sworn mission to rectify that problem. So we started her off easy:

Once I worked on her form, she became alot more comfortable and was really enjoying herself.

After she was familiarized with the basic principles of sight picture and trigger squeeze I move her over to a S & W LadySmith with a 5" barrel. She shot that rather well, and seemed to have no problems with the double action trigger pull. Another friend arrived with a Walther P22 and she shot that as well. I think we hooked another one, she is now talking about how much she misses Texas and wants to come visit again. More solid proof that all you need is one small taste of freedom and you are hooked for life.

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