Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Handgun Shotgun Rifle" (for bugout) meme....

In continuation of the firearm list MeMe's. I have one I would like to propose to the rest of the Internets. If you had to leave your house RIGHT NOW because of some disaster, lets go with zombies. You do not know if you are ever going to return, and you only have room to take one rifle, one shot gun, and one handgun. What are they?

My three choices for BugOut, from what I CURRENTLY own would be-

Handgun: Sig P226 in 40 S&W, with light rail and night sights

Shotgun: Remington 870, 20 inch barrel, rifle sights.

Rife: Sako FinnBear in 30/06 with 3-9 scope and sling

I know that the first two on the list were the same as yesterday for my self defense list. But I dropped the AR in favor of my favorite hunting rifle. Why? Simply because I can hit anything I can see. Also, I am not carrying around one of those scary black rifles. Granted, if things are so bad that we are carrying around rifles, it shouldn't matter very much. Also, my handgun and shotgun more than effectively cover my short range self defense needs. This allows me to take a rifle with a bit more range and punch.

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