Thursday, August 26, 2010

Single Issue Voters

I don't normally link other bloggers, but this is a convincing argument, and an example of a damn fine blog post.

Phil writes:

The unmistakable lesson here is that, to secure liberty and civil society, the first Americans had to become laser-focused on their right to possess firearms. But are we to believe that the same approach is somehow required today? In this year of burgeoning government, political corruption, and shrinking personal freedom, the answer is yes. As Charlton Heston explained in his speech to the National Press Club in 1997: “The right to keep and bear arms is the one right that allows rights to exist at all.”

Until Second Amendment rights gain full and irrevocable standing in 21st century American law, we remain in the lingering shadow of General Gage and his tyrannical strategy of public disarmament. In 1775, we quickly became a “one-issue organization” to preserve freedom. Today, the remarkable degeneration of our free society demands the same unique focus.

Go read the rest, it's worth your time.

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Rackham Röde said...

I'm not in the states but it seems to me that the right to overthrow government actually requires the arms being owned to be capable active resistance against a misused army for instance.

So many revolutions in military affairs have been gone through since that argument was made that in todays terms you would have to have a communally controlled and of the state autonomous national guard, armed with the very same hard ware being used by the nationally controlled armed forces, to be of any real threat.

If the argument comes down to garden snipers, then the wars over here in Europe have proven that the hunter with his rifle is more of a garden sniper threat than a militiaman with an AR will ever be.

I just have a hard time seeing either a bunch of militiamen marching on Washington or "the community" rising up as one and somehow beating off "The Old Ironsides" as they roll in the Abrams.

Oh, and I'm envious of your gun rights! But that's just mainly because I like shooting.

I think the right to self defense is a stronger argument. Criminals have guns anyway, why should honest citizens have to fight at a disadvantage?

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