Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tempering A Broken Heart

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a very good friend of mine that was visiting from Canada. Unfortunately he was suffering from a broken heart and had recently tried to lose himself in a bottle. Luckily, he bought my logic that the Texas heat would kill him if he decided to stay in said bottle and sobered up for his ten day visit. I tried the usual lines, it wasn't meant to be, she was a skanky whore anyways, you know, the usual. It seemed to work for the most part, occasional bouts of anger and severe emotion plagued him. Luckily he held it together and I like to think that I sent him home in a better place (a little recoil therapy never hurt anyone).

But I digress, I also spent the time remembering what it was like to be in my early twenties and prone to heartbreak. Tempered thru the lens of time and quenched by a loving wife, I only have two heartbreaks of note. One that I deserved, and one that I never should have involved myself with in the first place. They both are wounds that can still be opened, perhaps by my own weakness, or by the simple power of old vivid emotions. Luckily, they are nothing like they used to be. Time may not heal all wounds, but the pain does fade into obscurity, leaving behind only the value of the lessons learned. Wether it be the knowledge that you should immediatly dump a woman that drunkenly propositions your best friend, right in front of you. Or the fact that relationships are a two way street and involve mutual likes and dislikes. The neccesity of being equally yoked in a relationship (granted thus generally doesnt come until a few years into marriage).

Finally, the fact of the matter is that there is an eternal companion out there for everyone. This quest is often fraught with peril, the twists and turns can be daunting. Not to mention having to deal with bandits and the occasional harpy. There may or may not be dragons, and nobody knows how long the quest will take, or how many miles you will have to travel, but I promise that there is a princess and a castle at the end.

Descahin, I love you like a brother. I know that it will get better and soon this will all fade into a funny story. You don't have to believe me, you just have to trust me.

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