Monday, August 23, 2010

Cursed Guns?

Many years ago I bought a cursed gun. It was a Ruger Super Blackhawk, stainless, in 44 Magnum with a 11 3/8 barrel. The previous owner had met his demise from a shotgun in the hands of a jealous husband. I gave $500 to his father for it. I kept it for about 4 years. There was nothing particularly noticeable about it, the only oddity was that every time I carried it hunting, I never saw, or shot, anything.

I traded it off for my STI on my wife's birthday in 2007. I did a spectacular job of covering up a $1500 pistol purchase. Needless to say when she found out, she wasn't happy. I understand that this was my own doing and not the pistols. The curse revealed itself in another way. Every major match I shot that pistol in led to gun problems costing me my trophies. No amount of money that I dumped into it seemed to make a difference. Two weeks ago, my patience wore thin. Doing mag change drills in the living room I broke the grip. The very next day I traded it off. I was going to go simple, take my 2k in gun trade in and go buy a Glock or a Spingfield XD, a few small changes, a trigger job, a pile of mags and I would be set. Of course, trade in values on a broken pistol were not what I expected them to be. But I think I made out pretty good on the deal:

I traded my STI, 7 mags, and holster for a Tangfolio (basically a matched out CZ75) in 40 S&W, 4 mags, a Bladetech holster, and 2000 bullets. So far I like it more then the STI, a solid metal frame makes it run alot smoother, and I noticed that it was easier to pick up the front sight during recoil. I have only put about 300 rounds thru it, but so far I am pleased. It was explained to me as a gun that even 'I' couldn't break.

My hope is that the money I lost on this deal is enough contrition to break the curse. So what say you? Any cursed gun stories?

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