Thursday, January 22, 2009

January Range Report

Post inaugural inspection has shown that the range is still open and functioning.

Sorry for the light blogging but I have been busy with work and trying to develop a accurate and non-smoky lead bullet load for competition.

I have gotten fairly close- here is the starting load. Recoil was stout and accuracy was marginal. However it wasn't smoky. All pictures are at 25 feet. This seems to be the customary gun blogger distance. I was not very impressed with the load. As a little bit if history, I've gone thru three powders up til this point and they have not been acceptable for indoor shooting.

Here is that same load with very, very fast double taps. Sight recovery seemed to take a lot longer than normal. I am just not happy with this load. Back to the drawing board.

So I dropped the powder charge by .3 grains. Accuracy seems to have improved and the sight recovery is alot faster. Recoil is nowhere near as bad. I also shot a 25 yard group, that was around eight inches. I'm not happy with the accuracy, my pistol likes jacketed bullets alot better. However I find it hard to argue with $74 per thousand for lead bullets that I can push at major power factor.

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