Friday, January 23, 2009

Role Model of the Week-Part Two

This weeks role model hails out of Channing, Texas. Now Channing is a little town North West of Amarillo. Last weekend a state trooper was trying to reach his ticket quota for the month(one more and he woulda had a toaster!), when he was shot at while making a traffic stop. The officer returned fire and terminated the suspect (read shit-bag). During this process the nameless trooper was shot in the leg. Enter our illustrious hero, the cook, from a local restaurant. Bill Cullum did not see the shooting but went outside to investigate. He saw one man lying on the ground and the trooper holding his leg. He helped the trooper bandage the leg, remarking that the wound "didn't look that severe."

Bill won the award this week, not because he helped, but because he didn't have to. He could have stayed in the kitchen flipping burgers rather than help his fellow man. It is people like Mr. Cullum who make this society what it is. People who are willing to risk their own safety to assist another.

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Mandy said...

The world needs more people just like Bill and other nameless citizens just like him that aren't recognized for their courage to help a fellow neighbor. And by help I mean he assessed the situation and did the right thing without screwing anything up. The world could stand to loose a few of those idiots who think they are doing the right thing but end up making a situation worse.

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