Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Awesome Stage

Normally, I would try and keep my ego in check, but, just this once I don't think that I will. 4 targets, 16 steel, 24 rounds 7.76 seconds. I know, I know, this is not a huge accomplishment except for I was shooting against the USPSA Limited C champion. His time? 7.75 seconds.

I know that I had some doubles on the steel, but I never claimed to be a master class shooter. Another thing that I noticed was how small the STI appears in my hands. That's a full 5" gun!

This match is held in a gentleman's converted, over sized garage.

He sets up 4 to 6 stages once a month. The rules are a combination of USPSA and IDPA, there is no equipment rules. There is a premium placed upon accuracy, you cannot shoot C's and expect to win. My overall standing out of 26 shooters? Third.

Finally, a good picture is as good as a good shot(unless you are a photographer in India). Please note the brass, the flash and the bullet in the air!

Stay safe, shoot fast, shoot true, but most importantly: 'Aim small, miss small'

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