Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Police say that you are quilty

According to CNN, police searched Plaxico Burress's home and seized all the firearms that they could find, because "He might not have permits for them." I find this highly ironic. Maybe he bought them at a gun show? Don't misunderstand me, the guys an idiot, he broke the law. Most importantly he seems to have no understanding of the four rules. Nor does he seem to comprehend the concept of weapon retention.
I applaud the fact that the legal system seems to be treating him like a normal person. However, unless the warrant stated it, they had no reason to seize the other weapons as evidence. Obviously the rifle was not the weapon that he shot himself with. Another odd fact was the fact that his attorney seems to have just let it happen.
Any evidence that the police are searching for needs to be listed on the warrant, and even if the weapons were possesed illegally the DA would have a hard time added charges for what quite possibly was an illegal source. Bloomberg reports that cell phones were also seized, this is plossible as they could have been used in the commision of the crime.
Maybe I'm stepping to far out on this one but think about it. If you are involved in a shooting, does that give the police the right to seize all of your weapons? As evidence? Just food for thought.

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