Monday, December 15, 2008

Line in the Sand

Recently Breda met an interesting gentleman in a bar, and handled it quite well. Unfortunately, the comments on her post have been exploding.
I left this one:
I had decided when I originally read this post that Breda was in the right and it did not need to be commented on.
However, this does. "Pride goeth before the fall." Am I willing to lose my job, friends and be criminally charged if I happen to defend myself?
ABSOLUTELY! Again, and again, with my dying breath (oops, I mentioned death, please don't verbally berate me). When you strip away all the labels that modern society places upon you, what is left? Your pride, your honor, your personal freedom. These are things worth defending. Draw your line in the sand, as Breda did, and defend it.

This goes back to the argument of where is your line? Also, what are you going to do to defend it? Breda has proved that she will not be pushed around by fancy dressed, pushy assholes. That is where her line is, she was polite and courteous, but she did not allow her line to be crossed.
My pride, or honor, or whatever you want to call it means more than anything. It is worth defending. It's more of doing the right thing, whether it be taking care of your family or defending your personal bubble. If I get fired for doing the right thing, so be it. I was looking for a job when I found this one. If my friends choose not to associate with me, perhaps they weren't true friends. If I have to stand up in court and defend my actions, so be it. I will do so with my head held high and my shoulders square.
I am a sheepdog, I am a warrior, I will fight for a noble cause. I will fight to
defend my family and my honor. I do not suffer fools for long. If you think that just wallking away will solve every problem. That a person intent on doing you harm will just leave you alone. Than you are a fool. A fool that will eventually be a victim.

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