Monday, December 22, 2008

Master List

I have decided to create my own master list, or wish list as some may call it. Things will move around as my needs and desires may change on a frequent basis.

1. Ruger Vaquero in 357Mag I already have one and it needs a friend

2. Marlin lever action carbine in 357 Mag Cowboy shooting may be in my future

3. Kel Tec Sub 2000 in 40 S & W, that takes SIG magazines

4. Cheap bolt action rifle in 7mm-08. One that I can throw down a cliff and not worry about scratching the stock. Maybe a Marlin or a Mossberg. I have plenty of nice guns, I need a crappy one.

5. 20 gauge auto shotgun because the kids grow up awful fast

6. National Match M1a No explanation needed, everybody needs one.

7.FN SPR rifle in 308

8.FNSCAR-heavy. I'm probably dreaming on this one

9. STI tactical, 5" with light rail in 40

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