Friday, December 5, 2008

My line in the sand

Sebastian had a blog post yesterday about some people discussing civil unrest if there was to be another assault weapons ban. I left this comment on his forum and wanted to expand upon it:

These are perilous times, yes, but I believe that this is all saber rattling from all sides involved. Do we need to prepare for a fight to defend our Constitutional rights? Absolutely. Do we have to exhaust every avenue available to us before we even consider violence? Absolutely. Imagine the news if the pro 2A people took to the streets and marched in their mall ninja tactical gear and tricked out AR's and SKS's. It would be a PR disaster. We should behave like civilized human beings and use the system that our forefathers left for us.

I'm not saying that it is wrong to have a line in the sand. I have mine, I'm pretty sure that I know where it is. I prepare for the worst possible outcome and hope for the best one. However, hope is not enough. Action has to be taken in order to affect the result. You cannot just sit there and expect your desired result by doing nothing or issuing veiled threats.
Over two hundred years ago many smart men came together and after much discussion, agreed on how this civilized country was going to be run. They put safeguards in place to prevent the immediate removal or violation of our rights. We should fully explore all options available to us. It's not truly about guns, it's about the constitution and all that it stands for.

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phlegmfatale said...

I am in accord. Calm heads rule the day, and we definitely need to pick our battles.

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