Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's The Shooter, Not The Gun

Last Saturday I was at a practical pistol match in the Texas Panhandle, I was shooting my STI with my USPSA gear on. This match is kind of a hodgepodge of guns and gear. Some shoot to IDPA standards, some shoot to USPSA standards, there are some that come and shoot only to their own standards. All come and shoot to have fun.
One gentleman was complaining about being to slow with his revolver. As most know, I, am a giver. So, I graciously offered to trade gear with him. He refused, stating that it was his decision to be slow. I respect that, but it got me thinking? What is the time difference in the different pistol classes? My opinion? The answer is simple, reload time. All things being equal the only serious difference is the time it takes to reload.
Now, you may berate me all that you wish, but my USPSA classification percentages are within 2% of each other for all of my classified divisions. It's all about trigger time. It doesn't matter what your doing, as long as you are pulling a trigger. Yes, I know that a SIG is not a 1911, but I shoot both equally as well. Yes, my split times are slower with my SIG, but not by much. Yes that first round double action is a pain in the butt, try a steady pull and looking at the sights. My point is this, you shoot to your capability regardless of what you are shooting. If you have a firm grasp of the operating system you are not handicapping yourself as much as you think.

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