Thursday, December 11, 2008

Condor approved 22lr

Today I read an article at The Firearm Blog about lead free 22lr ammo.
I occasionally hunt in California, I also occasionally hunt in what California calls the 'condor range'. This is an area where only non-toxic ammo is allowed to be used. It is a felony to have lead ammo in your possession and your ammo may be seized by the California Dept of Fish and Game for testing. The reason for this ban is due to the fact that a condor 'may' have died from lead poisoning after ingesting lead fragments from the carcasses of dead animals. I don't personally agree with this assessment, but hey, what do you expect? It's California. Enough lecturing, on with the story.

The area where I hunt is overpopulated by ground squirrels. We hunt in the morning and shoot squirrels all day. It's great fun, some of my best childhood memories involve shooting these pesky creatures. We use 22's, and alot of ammo. I mean alot, 200 rounds a day is not uncommon. Believe me, when you are trying to shoot a hamster sized creature at 300 yards with a rimfire rifle, you don't exactly make every shot.
I was planning on pig hunting there last year and knowing that I would not be able to take my 22lr, I was distraught. Whats a boy to do? I know, go buy a new rifle! Always a great idea. So, I did. I bought a Marlin 22 Mag and some 'green' ammo.
Much to my dismay, I did not make it. Now I have a rifle that is redundant due to the lead free 22lr ammo that is soon to be available.
I don't agree with the lead free ammo deal being able to save Mother Nature from a bad case of lead poisoning. I am happy though that manufacturers are willing to spend the time and money researching things that will keep the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia happy.

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