Friday, November 28, 2008

And you thought Cabela's was cool!

After are recent foray into the fields of South Dakota we stopped at Cabela's to support our inner mall ninja. Did you know that Cabela's does not allow open carry? In a open carry legal state? It's okay. I have a big orange shirt on! Take that Cabela's.
I received all kinds of funny looks, but, that is what I was going for. The pistol is a 5 1/2 inch Ruger Vaquero in a Cross draw leather cowboy holster. It's horrible as a CCW gun but it makes an awesome field gun. Shoots to point of aim and is heavy enough to drive nails with.


Mike Stollenwerk said...

Cabelas DOES allow open carry of handguns which will REMAIN HOLSTERED. This has been wpopred out with corporate management, though sometimes individual stores or employees must have this explained to them.

Vincent said...

Concealed carry is allowed and encouraged through CCW classes at many stores.

Ashley said...
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