Thursday, November 20, 2008

South Dakota Deer Part 1

It was a cold windy morning in central South Dakota. The moon was full and hung in the western sky as the orange glow from the rising sun filled the eastern sky. I sat quietly in a small tree grove. The tree grove was a small comfort as it blocked most of the wind.

Suddenly movement to the east attracted my attention. I looked and saw a stunning sight, a large whitetail buck, his antlers highlighted by the rising sun. He stopped suddenly, head up and alert. He tested the air. His superior senses told him that something was amiss.

I dared not move, there was no way for me to get my rifle up in time. He was a mere twenty yards away. Surely the pistol would be a better choice? Something spooked him and he ran.

I quickly rose to my feet, removing my gloves and raised my rifle. He had stopped and was looking backwards. I would later learn that it was 59 yards away.

The grass covered the bottom two-thirds of his body as I decided to take a neck shot. The rifle was steady as I squeezed the trigger. Another fine animal will live forever in my memory and for a moment in my belly.


phlegmfatale said...

nicely done!

I've got some backstrap in the freezer from a deer Dad got last week- can't wait to cook it!

Sigboy said...

There is nothing better than fresh backstrap. Last year I made chili for work and put backstrap in it. You cannot go wrong with backstrap! But it is best wrapped in apple bacon and injected with garlic

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