Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wasted Braincells?

I have alot of skill sets that don't get used anymore. I no longer am required to get a dragon missile into action in less than thirty seconds. I no longer have to perform a field sobriety test, much less at night with flashing lights all around me. I will probably never set off another claymore mine. I don't even have to remember what the pinky thumb thing is all about. Or even to double lock handcuffs(yes, there is two locks on them). I remember exactly what to do if I ever became a 'hung jumper'. All of this knowledge is all but useless to me, and yet I still know it.

I pulled out my Army Field manual the other day and started thumbing thru it. I still remembered exactly how these tasks were to be performed. I am positive that I am still proficient at them all. Not an expert, able to do it blindfolded, but definitely acceptable. I could put a claymore mine into action without blowing myself up, always a useful skill set.

My point is this: When you train to the point that your subconscious and muscle memory take over, you will be able to perform those actions for the rest of your life. I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to put a drunken neighbor into a rear wrist lock, I did it with out thinking, I haven't even practiced one in years. I personally have many well rounded and yet useless skill sets using perfectly good neural pathways in my brain. Would I get rid of them if I could? Probably not. Good quality training is priceless, even if you are not currently using it. After all, the zombies may come, or, I may have a need to protect myself from a nuclear blast or a chemical weapons attack.

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