Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Parental Gun Control

Todays popular blog content is toy guns and children. Do they mix? Do real firearms and toy guns mix? Marko started this, Jay G followed, and now I am jumping on the bandwagon. Marko wants to know whether toy guns are acceptable for children.

I left this comment:
I was raised without any toy guns in the house. My fathers logic was that I can have a toy gun when I was old enough to know the difference. When I was old enough, I had real guns, so what did I need a toy gun for?
I was always allowed to ‘make’ toy guns, that was over looked. I even made my own rubber band guns around ten. Amazingly, I was allowed to have rubber band wars as long as I used the proper safety equipment.
I am a grown man now, with children of my own, my son just turned six, and is not allowed to have toy guns, imaginary guns and squirt guns are overlooked. Both my children know the four rules, and know not to touch a firearm without supervision. They shoulder rifles, dry fire pistols, and practice getting a proper sight picture.
Lately I have been considering changing the rules to allow toy guns under the presumption that they are just toys, I also don’t know how far to take it.

The wife and I have discussed this before and I have been pondering it lately. My current feelings on the subject is this:
1. Boys have an ingrained desire to defend home and hearth. This desire is expressed in the games that they play, fighting monsters and saving princesses.
2. Boys will make toy guns out of anything and everything. I encourage my children to use their imagination while playing, would a toy gun help that?
3. If toy guns are allowed, should the safety rules be used like a real firearm?
4. If toy guns are allowed, how do squirt guns, airsoft and paintball fit into the mix?
5. Speaking of airsoft, I occasionally practice my self defense tactics with airsoft guns, and shoot other people. Does this make me a hypocrite for playing with fake guns and shooting people? Or am I exempt because I am supposed to know the difference?

Marko wrote this far more eloquently than I. I encourage you to go visit, remember to check his comments. They contain many valid thoughts and opinions.

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