Thursday, June 25, 2009

Review: 5-11 Tactical boots

I know that nobody wants to hear about my feet. But I needed a new pair of lightweight boots for shooting. I also wanted them to pull double duty as a hiking boot. I have modestly large feet (11 1/2 or 12), rather wide, with a extremely high arch. I have a hard time getting shoes to fit.

I happened to try on a pair of boots from 5-11. They are incredibly light, and comfortable. I normally put insoles in every pair of boots that I own, these don't seem to need them. The website says that the boots don't need a break in period. I find that they are a little stiff, and I hope that they will loosen up over time. They are also roomy in the toe area. No worries about ingrown toenails here! I bought them in size 12, the vendor did not have a pair of 11.5's to try on, they probably would have fit. Here is the link for the 5-11 boot promo video.

I shot a indoor defensive pistol match last night with these boots on. The floor is polished concrete and is very, very slippery. I did not slip once. My footing was solid all night, and I forgot that I was wearing a pair of full size boots.

In conclusion, if you want a sturdy pair of lightweight boots, you can't go wrong with 5-11.

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