Friday, June 12, 2009

Role Model of the Week: XV

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. There is no rhyme or reason, they just, well....happen. Sometimes a person will give their life to save another. To me, whether willingly or unwillingly this is a noble trait. Not the most noble way to die but fairly close, easily enough to get you into Valhalla, provided that you went with some pizazz.

Search and rescue provides a way for people to help others. Some are paid for this, others are volunteers. Unfortunately, sometimes the SAR team member will lose his life in the pursuit of saving one. Sgt. Andy Tingwall gave his life when the chopper he was piloting crashed into the side of a mountain. Sgt Tingwall had just rescued Megumi Yamamoto, a physics student from UNM, when he lost control of his airship.

Next time you hear of someone lost in the wilderness, think of the kind people out
there trying to make a difference in our world, one lost person at a time.

More details at Fox News.

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