Sunday, May 3, 2009

The STI Returns

Last week the STI came back from the Gunsmith. New barrel, new extractor, new front sight. It's like having a brand new gun. The action is smooth, like to pieces of glass sliding across each other. The fit of all the new parts is excellent. It also turns out that my front sight height was off, so a new one was installed. The barrel has gain twist rifling, which is just a fancy way of saying that it starts off slow and speeds up down the barrel. I shot about 150 rounds thru it last week, this gun is smooth! All that is left now is a trip to the painter. Any body have any color scheme suggestions?

My apologies for the horrid photos, my camera isn't quite cut out to do the real close up pic's. I do like how the fiber optic in the front sight is slightly recceses, and it seems to glow brighter than the factory Novak.
As for the rifling, I tried to show how the twist accelerates down the barrel.

as usual, clicky to embiggen


Wai said...

Did they use your existing barrel and re-rifle that? How would they do that without smoothing out the bore first and then re-rifling it?

Sigboy said...

New Barrel. It's called gain twist rifling.

Bob S. said...


Does your camera have a setting for close ups? It's usually represented as a flower design.

That greatly reduces the deeded distance from the lens to the object.

Enjoying your blog sir.

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