Monday, May 18, 2009

Biden Has a Gaff, Sigboy Remembers a Memory

Jay G, the dememted Massachusets master of gunny madness, had a post about Biden's lack of situational awareness.
From Fox News:
Biden told his dinnermates about the existence of a secret bunker under the old U.S. Naval Observatory, which is now the home of the vice president.
The bunker is believed to be the secure, undisclosed location former Vice President Dick Cheney remained under protection in secret after the 9/11 attacks.

This seems to be the new standard for Biden. I'm not horribly concerned about his future in politics.

The Naval Observatory:

This did bring back a memory. When I was in the Army, I was assigned to the 3d US Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), in Ft. Myer, Va. It was my companies rotation to be on call. About 5 am one morning we were called out. We weren't told very much, draw weapons, don our battle rattle, and meet in the company common area. When we were all there, they issued ammo, and we loaded our magazines. Brief aside, I was only issued ammo twice while in the Army. This was a big deal. To those of you that think that you sleep with your rifle and a full issue of ammo, nope, that stuff is locked up tight. There we are, 120 young, highly trained, killing machines. We had rifles and machine guns, and ammo for all of them. What are our orders? March to the airfield, wait for the helicopters, we're heading to the Naval Observatory.

With the Army instilled brain washing, I questioned nothing, at least, very little. We marched, the helicopters never showed. What happened? I know not, I only knew what they told me, and that I missed breakfast. I was more worked up over my stomach than anything. Now I know why that morning our orders were to go to the Naval Observatory, that is where the V.P. lives and hides. What happened that early morning in the beltway of DC? Maybe nothing, maybe a threat to the VP, maybe just a drill. And I was more worried about breakfast, at least some things don't change.

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