Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Range Report

Last week I took two of the rifles up to the rifle range. I had started working up some new loads for the 338/06. I still don't have a decent load with the Barnes bullets, maybe next time. My father has seen fit to send me his Winchester Model 70 in 25/06 on an extended loan program. Translation, it sleeps at my house until he decides that he needs it again. I finally finished breaking in the barrel and am happy to report sub1/2" groups off the bench with sandbags and Hornaday factory ammo.

You would think my load development would be done, nope. Both these rifles are going to California on a pig hunt in the fall. I need to have a lead free load for both of them. I'm planning on keeping the 338 load for all my other hunting, and only use the Barnes for areas that are under a lead ban.

Any ideas for making Barnes bullets shoot?

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