Tuesday, May 19, 2009

'09 Indian Territory Practical Shooters Annual Night Shoot

First off let me say that the match was absolutely horrible, the stages were difficult, it was pitch black, you couldn't even see your gun. I absolutely sucked. I also had a great time. Fifth place for the no sights division. Not too shabby. The match was definitely skewed towards the guys with red dot sights.

This was the brightest stage:

That stage was alot of fun, the red lights made it difficult to discern the no shoot targets, but I didn't hit any! I took fourth overall on this stage.

I took first place overall on the first stage. You had a red headlamp on your head for illumination. The stage required you to shoot six steel plates thru a hole 8" in diameter. Than you had to sit in a cart and push yourself backwards while shooting paper targets, off to the side, at about five yards.

Of course, what good is a night shoot without a range malfunction, BBQ style!

There were five stages total, most of them poorly illuminated. They also put the lights ahead of your gun and in front of the targets. You could not see your gun on three stages! One stage called for 30 pieces of steel in 35 seconds. I fired 45 rounds and knocked down 7! I felt truly humbled, and not in the good way.

There wasn't enough light for any of the other stages. I do have video that I will post tomorrow.

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