Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scouting Lake Meredith National Park

A few weekends ago, I decided it was time to go scout for some deer. Being new in town has some disadvantages, prime hunting land being one of those. Deciding that a family outing was called for, I killed two birds with one stone. Several friends of mine decided to join us, and we were off!

A short 45 minute drive led us to our destination, a campsite was located, strategically placed away from the other campers. I had my campsite up in about 15 minutes (the beauty of a camper), the tents took a while longer.

I was surprised at the wildlife in the park. Turkeys and deer seemed to be everywhere. My Saturday morning walk turned up about ten deer in the next draw over from camp. I truly wasn't expecting that many animals. The conservation program in the park seems to be exceptionally balanced. I'm definitely tipping my hat to whatever biologist is keeping that going. I even shot a doe that morning (calm down, with the camera).
The kids enjoyed the hiking and camping, we came home with an impressive amount of freshwater shells (I thought I left those at the ocean, oh well). I wanted to spend more time exploring the south end of the lake, unfortunatly we ran out of time. The weather had turned on Saturday night and gave us enough rain to make the tent campers uncomfortable.

Regardless of the weather, a good time was had by all. I got to spend some time out of doors, and Mrs. Sigboy was happy because we were all together, of course, I'm sure that taking the camper had alot to do with her happiness.

I believe that I found a decent spot to hunt this fall, further scouting is required. My only concern will be the number of hunters out there. I may have to death march my way in. My gut tells me that I wont find many hunters off the beaten path.

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