Friday, March 20, 2009

Role Model of the Week: Part VIIII

Is there anything more important than your principles? Are your core beliefs worth fighting for? John Pierce is the co-founder of, as the name implies, he is fighting for, and promoting the right of legal open carry.

Last month he was in San Diego, CA, where it is legal to open carry a unloaded pistol. About 40 people participated. The police were summoned and no arrest was made due to no laws being broken. The article is here, I will let you read the leftist spin that was put upon it. The reporter seemed to relish equating panicked beach goers with open carry.

My point is not to get into the open carry debate. My point is that Mr. Pierce is willing to travel the country and practice the freedoms that he is allowed as an American. He is willing to deal with the negative media attention and police officers keeping a close eye on him. Why? To bring attention on our rights as Americans. As it says on his website "A right unused is a right lost." Whether you agree with him or not, sticking up for your ideals is a noble trait.

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Mike W. said...

"We just don't think it's a prudent idea for anyone to walk around openly with an unloaded firearm," Cooper says.

I agree with Mr. Cooper. They should most certainly be LOADED firearms.

I must say they've got balls to do that in Cali. Good for them!

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