Friday, March 6, 2009

Role Model of the Week: Part VII

Now as you all know, I try to pick an oddball, off the wall example of some prime example of the goodness in people. Believe it or not, it's harder than you think. The person that I picked out for this week has already been blogged about, and I try not to copy somebodies work. Luckily I found an even better example.

The Buckeye Firearm Association reports that an 82 year old woman used a pistol to defend herself against an armed robbery. I truly consider this lady to be an example to all of us. Refusing to be a victim is one of the most important tenants to being responsible for yourself. It sounds like Ms. Dassel heard a noise and went to investigate, she than found the suspect who had broken a door jam to get into her house.

According to the report, Dassel was inside her home when she heard a noise coming from the back of her house. Using a walker to move to an enclosed back porch, she opened the door from the house and discovered a man standing on her back porch.

This was my favorite part of the article.Dassel immediately picked up a pistol that she had in the pouch of her walker and pointed it at the intruder. Do they make custom holsters for walkers? My thought is that it was homemade! Just because you are in a walker does not deny you the right to defend yourself. Remember this when you hear a something go bump in the night. If a old lady in a walker can do it, so can you.

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