Friday, September 18, 2009

Role model of the Week: XX

Where to begin? The Interwebs have seen to dump a profuse amount of quality actions in lap this week.

Ever wonder whether or not a man will keep his word and/or be a loyal friend?

Barry Delaney and Private Kevin Elliott made a promise, they agreed that they would wear a dress to the funeral of whoever dies first. I'm not sure if color was specified or not, but Barry truly is an honorable man and loyal friend.

Ever thought that a mall ninja would triumph over a would be robber by defending himself with a katana? Neither did I, buy it happened with a Johns Hopkins University undergrad this week. He confronted the intruder in his garage, a convicted burglar with multiple convictions. When the burglar attacked, the student defended himself with his sword, severing his left hand and inflicting a lethal chest wound. Regretfully, now the dead goblins sister is saying that her brother didn't deserve to die and that the victim should be charged with murder.
Let me explain something to you, sis, if you somebody tried to rob and attack you, do they deserve to die? If they decided they wanted to rape you? If they decided they wanted to kill you? Your brother was committing a crime, and was somewhere he had no right to be. It was a risk he had taken numerous times, he knew that. This time he lost. The greatest part of all is that he will never rob anybody, ever again.

In your wildest dreams, did you ever think that two kids masquerading as a hooker and her pimp would bring down ACORN? (brief aside, I have yet to decide how I would feel about this if it was MY daughter.) I give you Jon Stewart, he describes this better than I can.
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These two people showed remarkable tenacity, they were willing to risk themselves, and their reputations to show the truth of ACORN.

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