Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Overstepping Their Bounds

MArooned: Overstepping Their Bounds...

So Jay G talks about a new Massachusetts law where college students can't attempt to know their friends bucolically with the roommate in the room. This story accelerated me down memory lane.

Many moons ago while in the Army, I was stationed at Ft. Myer, Va. I shared a room with a soldier we will call Smith. Late one evening, or early in the morning, I don't recall which, Smith brings his lady friend into the room. I am sleeping soundly as he turns on the lights, the stereo, and proceeds to make as much noise as possible. Obviously, I wake up.

For my non-military readers, a little background is in order. Visitors are not allowed in the barracks after 2200 hours (that's 10 pm). Visitors are to be signed in and out at the front desk. Do I have to say that neither of these conditions were met?

So Smith comes over as I wake up and says "You need to get the fuck out so I can get my grove on." Or something equally cheesy. I look at them both, shes half drunk, make up smeared across her face, her ratty hair is disheveled, and say "I'm, going back to sleep, you two do whatever you want, but I'm not leaving my bed." Needless to say there was no loving in our room that night!

The very next morning, I get called into the commanders office, seems that the young lady had returned to file sexual harassment charges against me. Simply because I wouldn't leave the room that she wasn't supposed to be in so that she could ride the magic stick. The charges were dismissed, of course, but it didn't do anything for me and my roommates friendship. Moral of the story? I think Massachusetts actually has this one right. Nobody wants to be a first hand witness to their roommates drunken attempts to stuff the fish taco.


Bob S. said...

I think the passing of a legal requirement is where they are overstepping the bounds.

I agree that no one wants to see it...or mostly no one does but is the correct way to pass a law/ordinance/etc?

I think you handled it correctly and so should anyone else.

Should the happy couple proceed, I would recommend laughter as a method to stop the activity.

Deschain said...

Trudeau said it best: "We take the position that there is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation."

That said, if she wants to ride the pony-snake all the way to Tuna Town, there's plenty of other places to do it, like bike paths and park benches.

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