Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Blog

Have you ever met someone and it seems that you have been friends forever? I actually have a few of those friends, almost as if we knew each other in the preexistence. One of those people I just recently met. He goes by Deschain and recently started a blog. It's a little crass, a little vulgar. I wouldn't hold that against him as he was raised in a liberal Canadian household. Sorry, I misspoke, a liberal French Canadian household. It's a blog about his newly discovered disdain for the liberal system. His moral awakening to the fact that man is supposed to be responsible for his own decisions and well being, regardless of what society tells you.

Go visit.

One final thing, he has a deep disdain for AR's and loves FAL's.
That you can hold against him.

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Deschain said...


And I still say that the AR charging handle is dumb.

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