Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So You Think You Can Shoot a Pistol?

That question was asked of me at a friends farm last weekend. The second statement went like this: "Grab that Sig of yours and come on over here, I'm going to show you a thing or two."

I pondered to myself what exactly he had in mind. I wander over to the side of the barn where I find six full beer cans set out at about 15 yards (dont worry, it was just Bud Light). He tells me, "Shoot until you miss." I fire and miss low and left about a 1/2 inch. He shoots and misses by a foot. My second shot goes the same place, as does his. My third shot is on target, and I clear three cans. He misses again and I clear the next two when he complains, "You're not going to leave me any to shoot!" I let him shoot the last one and figure we are done with our little shooting escapade.

As Master Yoda would say, "Mistaken you were, hmmm?"

He walks over to the scrap pile and picks up a old aluminium sauce pot and tells me to shoot it twice as he throws it in the air. The pot goes flying and I shoot twice, hitting it both times. Now while I may not be shooting coins anytime soon, this was actually a fairly easy shot and after a bit of this I was asking him what part of it he wanted me to hit. I ran thru two mags of carry ammo during this escapade, and my wallet was starting to feel the pain of $1 plus per bang. We wrapped it up and went in the house.

As a parting shot, I asked him, "Did you really think I couldnt shoot a pistol."

"No," he replied. "I knew you could, I just wanted to see what you could actually do."


Arthur said...

"feel the pain of $1 plus per bang"

What the hell caliber are you shooting?

Maybe reloading has desensitized me, but I shoot my Sig P220's, P245, and P226's and none of them cost me more than $0.30 for my full power JHP loads even at today's prices.

Sigboy said...

I had the gun loaded with my carry ammo. 40S&W 165 gr Winchester SXT's. They run about $23 for 25 rounds.
I have been meaning to load up some full power loads for situations like this, but my procrastination hasn't caught up to me yet.

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