Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Big Red Boar part II

The short version of this story is only one sentence; No shot, no sign. He seems to have either left the area or ran into a farmer with his rifle handy. I did get to work on my farmer tan, I must say it's coming along nicely.

About the only excitement came later in the afternoon. I managed to kick up a coyote during the heat of the day. I only caught a glimpse of him as he disappeared into the tall grass. I rushed to go set up where I thought he would come out. I caught sight of him a few times, but was unsure of the exact species of the animal (I would feel really bad if I shot a fawn). He came out of the grass right where I thought he would, about 200 yards away from me. I paused long enough to confirm that is was indeed a coyote, he paused long enough to confirm that I indeed was going to shoot at him. He started running and I started shooting. I fired three rounds at him (Those three 338/06 cases are long gone. I really need to stop dropping those). The first round went over the top of his head and between his ears. He promptly changed direction, I adjusted my lead and shot again. This shot went over his back, my partner said that it was damn close, an inch or less, but a miss is a miss. He changed direction again and picked up the pace. I led him by eight body lengths and figured his distance at 350 to 400 yards. The shot went behind him. One day I will make that shot, and never have a problem with it again. Hindsight tells me that I need to quit shooting at the whole coyote and pick a spot. 'Aim small, miss small'

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