Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Just like it sounds only different. For those of you that dont know I have been eating healthier and generally avoiding things like extra sugars and caffeine. A few months ago I went from 40 oz of soda or so a day to about 20oz every other day.

This weekend I payed for it. Sunday I went to a defensive pistol class down past Austin (AAR to follow). The nine hour drive home was a bit brutal. I hit a 20oz Mountain Dew at 10pm, followed by water, and a Monster energy drink that I nursed from about Midnight til 2am. I arrived home at 3:15 and slept til 8. That was when the company phone started ringing. For the rest of Monday, I felt like I was hung over. I tried to sweat it out with an intense workout, that made me feel better for an hour or two.

No more energy drinks for me. It's like poisoning your body.

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Phil said...

It's the sugar and HFCS that gets you. I can deal w/ high caffine drinks w/o problems, but if I get a 'real coke' or sweet tea I get massive headaches.

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