Thursday, June 10, 2010

I HAVE been that guy

Salamander has a post up about this pic:

No, it's not the fact that it looks like a fistfight between Rush Limbaugh and Joey Buttafuoco, being broken up by David Arquette (but that really is David). It's Mr. Smooth there in the upper right hand corner.

Several years ago I was at a Goose hunting trip in BF SD, it's just like BFE only in South Dakota instead of Egypt, we arrived into town at about 1am, of course my passengers wanted to partake of the libations so off to the bar we went. The smoke hung in the air, the bar was vacant except for the bartender and two guys playing pool. They were obviously no strangers to this establishment, and they were obviously quite drunk. The three of us sat at the bar and ordered (I, of course, partook of the Roy Rodgers). Ten minutes or so into our drinks, the two gentlemen break out into a fist fight, dragging each other along the bar in a drunken fight of not so epic proportions. Non pulsed I grabbed my drink off the bar, lest I lose my cherry, and swivel the seat around to watch them writhe at my feet as the bartender splits them up.

The bartender throws them out, with a passing reminder that they were welcome back tomorrow, and we finish off our own drinks. The really funny part was when we left, they were in the parking lot, apologizing to each other and pledging their everlasting friendship.

I knew there was a reason I generally avoid bars....

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