Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Taxonomy of Modern Dangers"

Shameless stolen from Tam, whose snark never fails to get her on base. This is a homerun and worth passing around.

It occurs to me that some newer readers may not be up on the entire "Taxonomy of Modern Dangers" thing, so as a recap, here are several good reasons to carry a gun:

Zombies (of course)
Face-eating monkeys
Killer space robots
Hippies (generally peaceful, but can become erratic and dangerous during mating season)

Various hybrids of the above, such as zombie bears or ninja vampires
Remember: If you are prepared for the dead to walk the earth in search of human brains, then a hurricane or attempted mugging is no big deal.

Isn't this well spoken truth awesome? The only thing I can think to add is clowns.

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