Friday, April 16, 2010

Jump Rope

In an effort to be more active, last week I bought a jump rope. A fairly nice leather one from Everlast. No, I dont have any plans to be the next Rocky, or even to film some sort of training montage set to awesome 80's music. But this sitting behind a desk is taking it's toll on me. I took my new toy home and procceded to embarras myself with my lack of jump roping skills. I would make 8-10 complete jumps before tangling myself up in the jump rope. Honestly, it was so bad that I wondered how I even possesed the ability to remain upright while walking.

I fiqured that I needed to practice more and that the skills to properly jump rope would come in time. A few days went by and I really wasnt improving. I became slightly frustrated, maybe I just didnt posses the skillz needed to properly jump rope, I never really enjoyed it as a kid, that would make sense, right?

I just have one more question for my three loyal readers. How many people know that they make different length jump ropes? And, how many know that the taller you are the longer rope you need? I'm 6'02, and apparently an 8ft jumprope won't get the job done. I went out and purchased a 9 1/2ft rope and everything seems to work fine.

The more you know........


Living in Babylon said...

You know, I haven't jumped rope since high school, and I had no idea that your height determines your jump rope length. I'm not even sure where one would go to buy a jump rope that wasn't in the kid's section.

And for the record, eye of the tiger both begins and ends my workout mix tape.

Deschain said...

As someone taller than you, I have learned to loathe jumping rope. I have tanned the back of my head far too many times to ever love the fiendish thing.

Meg Riddle said...

I must admit to uproarious laughter and wondering if you had gotten a rope that was too short before I had even finished that first paragraph. And no, I don't know this strictly because I'm a girl. My elementary school had a jump rope team (which I was NOT on) and the coach was also our PE coach. She made everyone in the entire school aware of all things jump rope.

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