Monday, November 2, 2009

White Collar Sumdood

Special thanks to AD and Lawdog for showing me what this truly was.

My thought was that I had left him in my past. I had seen hide nor hair of him since I left California all those years ago. I had laughed at all my buddies that caught the occasional glimpse of Sumdood. I was not worried, he was no threat to me.

I am comfortable in my position at Large Corporate Energy Company, awesome benefits, good retirement plan, great hours, decent pay. I had climbed a few rungs up the ladder, what more could I want?

I volunteered myself to travel to Dallas and act as a representative for Large Corporate Energy Company and purchase a piece of equipment that another department needed. Not a big deal by any means, I had authority to spend about 35k, and I intended too perform diligently and enamour myself with this deal. A few trips back and forth to Dallas and the deal was finalized. I had performed well, and secured an excellent deal for Large Corporate Energy Company. A few days went by and the equipment was set to be delivered. Suddenly my company cell rang, "Large Corporate Energy Company, this is Sigboy"

"Sigboy, this is Salesman Sumdood." My thoughts ran rampant, it couldn't be. I hadn't seen him in years. "I was able get another discount on that equipment. Since the wire transfer is already done I will just write a check for $500. Who do I make it out too?"

"Make it out to Large Corporate Energy Company, I will take care of it from there." No big deal, what was Sumdood playing at?

"Are you sure, I can make it out to Sigboy if that would be easier."

"Nah, make it out to Large Corporate Energy Company." It all made sense now, Sumdood was trying to pay me off, after the deal was done. Sneaky little bastard, that Sumdood is getting smarter.

Let this be a lesson to all of you that Sumdood can be anywhere. Keep your eyes peeled, and your mind sharp.

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