Friday, November 6, 2009

Deer Season Prep, Part 2

Physical preparation, probably the part that never truly ends, but sometimes you have to make sure your body can handle the strain you are going to impose upon it. If you aren't used to climbing mountains, go climb some. If it has been a while since you humped a pack, throw it on and do a few miles.

Last weekend I decided to do a few miles with a loaded pack on. I didn't max the weight out, I started with about 35 pounds. After two miles I was in good shape, a little soreness in my calves but no worse for wear. It had been a few years since I put a full pack on, luckily my body remembers what it feels like and was able to adjust quickly. I have walked several times this week and have been gradually adding weight. I should be good to go for next weekend. Remember preparation and training are the keys to success, whether it be hunting or any other endeavour.

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