Monday, November 16, 2009

Preperation Pays Profusely

Without further ado, I would like to introduce Harvey the Heavy Deer.

Early Saturday morning I had seen two does hastily leaving the meadow and heading up into the canyon. Naturally, I wasn't in the proper position to get a shot off. I had seen plenty of sign down in the meadow coming off of the river. I just didn't know what time of day the deer were moving. I decided to work my way around to the other side of the little plateau that I was sitting on and too watch the trail that the does had followed. My hunch paid off as I saw sunlight glinting off of antler as a medium sized ten point trotted down the same trail that the does had been on.

My heart fluttered as I made the decision to take the shot, the distance appeared to be about 300 yards. I set my binoculars aside and picked up my rifle, smartly cambering a round as I shouldered the rifle. I smoothly tracked him through the scope, waiting for him to pause. Fate would not have it so I decided to intervene and let out a small, "Bleet". He stopped, ans of course my shot was obstructed by a large Mesquite tree. Time was measured in heart beats as I waited for him to step out from behind the tree. One step, and than two and he was clear. I settled the cross hairs and squeezed the trigger. I recovered from the recoil in time to see him collapse in the grass.

I thanked the Great Spirit for blessing my hunt, and thanked this beautiful creature for providing nourishment to my family and I. But now the real work begins.

1 1/2 miles from the deer to the truck. Through the thickest, nastiest brush you have ever seen, not to mention the river crossing. The emotional satisfaction of having to earn your deer thru physical and mental exertion makes the memories sweeter and more fulfilling.

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Jay G said...

Congrats! Bet that venison tastes EXTRA good!

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