Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's in your range bag?

Which one? I have three!
I will do the range bag that gets the most use, my competition pistol range bag.
1. The pistol.
2. The magazines, for the pistol.
3. Ammo, 300-600 rounds depending on match requirements.
4. Inner and outer belt.
5. Pistol cleaning kit, in a sealed plastic box.
6. Magazine cleaning brush.
7. Tool kit, allen wrenches, screw drivers and picks.
8. Rule book, in case anybody actually cares about the rules.
9. Brass bag.
10. Sunscreen
11. Safety glasses, clear, grey, smoke, and blue.
12. Ear Protection, hard and soft.
13. Pen, pencil and sharpie.
14. Kneepads, 'cause I'm a sissy.
15. Multi-tool.
16. Fiber optic inserts for my sights, I really don't know why I'm so hard on them.
17. A lighter and scissors, for #16.
18. Small flashlight.

H/T to Sebastian and Ahab, and anybody else that I may have missed.
edit, I missed some.
19. Glass cleaner wipes
20. Bug Spray
21. Canned air
22. Water and snacks

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