Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monthly Match

Sunday brought sunny skies, nice temperatures and the monthly Amarillo Rifle and Pistol Club monthly IPSC match. Four Stages, 120 rounds. My STI is still out for repair, so I pulled out the production rig and dusted off the Sig.

After the debacle last month at Double Tap I have decided to slow down for a bit and focus on the fundamentals. I ran the first three stages about two seconds slower than I should have and focused on the front sight, and shooting all alphas. First three stages? 42 targets, 88 rounds, 85 alphas, 3 charlies. There was a federal LE officer assigned to a local tactical team. We were talking thru the match, having a good time when he asked how I shot so well (major ego boost). My reply? "I'm running slow today, focusing on fundamentals." What did my ego say right after that? "Tell you what, I'll flip the switch and show you how I normally shoot." After I open my mouth like that, what happens? Believe it or not, I didn't blow it. I ran the stage smooth and fast, 28 rounds, two reloads, twenty yards of running, nine seconds, 24 alphas, 4 charlies. Reply from the SWAT cop? "Man, I heard it when you turned that switch on!"

My ego really didnt need that. Lesson? Sometimes you just have to slow down and look at the sights.

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