Monday, April 6, 2009

Double Tap AAR, part 2

Again, I can not stress the great time that I had at the match. Even with all the gun and logistics problems it was a great time. I plan on getting my entry fee in on Jan 1st for next year. I also won a new range bag as a door prize! One of the big Midway ones! Mrs. Sigboy refers to it as my $500 range bag. I tried explaining to her that it was a door prize, therefore free. She still doesn't get it. Here is my favorite stage of the match, 24 rds, 11 targets at three yards(or so), all while tethered to a rope, and whatever you do, don't knock over the tennis balls. As for the STI, the bill for a new barrel and new extractor is $530, thats US dollars, not pesos. Granted, I splurged and ordered a high dollar barrel with gain twist rifling.

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