Thursday, April 2, 2009

After Action Report: 2009 Double Tap Championship

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Friday found it cold, wet, windy and muddy. Not your usual mud mind you, but red clay slippery mud. Watching the super squad shoot was like watching Charlie Chaplin perform slapstick comedy. Mud was flying as shooters went slipping and sliding their way thru the stage. Dropped magazines were all but swallowed by the West Texas caliche. Luckily I was not to shoot that day.

Saturday morning brought 34 degree temperatures with 30 mph winds. The sky was overcast with low hanging grey clouds. Nasty would be a good descriptor. We were scheduled to shoot 9 stages on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. However, we were the squad shooting behind the super squad. While under most circumstances that would be a very cool thing. This time it was not, and I will not willingly put myself behind the super squad ever again.

The stages were awesome. The match had an Indiana Jones theme and the stages all followed suit. One stage, 'chilled monkey brains' had you starting with your gun on the table and the magazines in a fake skull. The next stage was 'temple of boom' and was a dark house shoot. The range was lit by black light and the targets were fluorescent. VERY COOL!

Sunday morning brought good weather and gun trouble. Another case head separation. I took my gun over to the STI vendor table. The vendors exact words were "Oh crap, look at that! Your done." Turns out that my chamber was improperly polished, long before I got the gun. Now it has worn to the point where it became unsafe. I wanted a new barrel anyways, now I have an excuse.
more info to follow later....

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phlegmfatale said...

Looks like fun, despite the weather and magazine swallowing clay!

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